Four Jobs I've Had:
1- Restaurant Crew - Pizza Hut (M) Sdn. Bhd. (S'ban) b4 enrolled in ITM..

2- Trainee Secretary– Panji Timor Sdn. Bhd. (S'ban). Dec 99 - Apr 2000 with RM5 perday.
3- Accounts Clerk – Terminal 1 Mgmt (S'ban) during semester break
4- Secretary to MD – i've been working here since Apr 2001..

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
1– green mile
2– gladiator
3- p. ramlee movies
4- kabhi kushi kabhi gum...very sad one la..

Four Places I Have Lived
1- seremban - stay permanently form my day 1st up to 17...

2- shah alam – seroja hostel, sek 7
3- damansara– duduk dari Jun 2001 up to Feb 2004 dgn ana..
4- desa tasik – presently staying here with my beloved hubby...

Four Television Shows I Loved to Watch
1- AF- cant' hardly wait for the 4th to come
2- Quiz show - Kunci Khazanah, Roda Impian and many more..
3- Friends
4- CSI- i love all the 3 (miami, NY and LV)

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation
1- Pulau Tioman - i've been here twice (99 & 2000)
2- Pulau Pangkor - office family day...stayed at Teluk Dalam
3- Penang - during 2005 CNY
4– Sarawak - during 2006 CNY (ni gi kenduri kawin merangkap vacationlah)

Four of My Favourite Dishes
1- lamb chop
2- mihun kungfu
3- seafood except spesis kerang
4- Chinese Food

Four Websites I Visit Daily
1- mail - yahoo, gmail, etsb
2- forum - KMC, WMDC, sepaku & cari (sempat lagi buat keje ni kat ofis)
3- tender- uitm, rtm, and others
4- blogging – blogspot, fotopages

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
1- on my bed - so so sleepy
2- i wish i could be beside my mama...i miss her badly
3- kedai ikan bakar...rase mcm nak makan sotong bakar
4- mid valley - window shopping pun jadilah

Four People I love most
1- my beloved hubby (kay)
2- my parents (mama & aca)
3- siblings (along, mimi & ayang)
4- friends

Four People I miss most
1- aca (you left me so early..)
2- mimi (u and aca left angah so early...y??)
3- mama (dah lama x balik s'ban
4- daniel...

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