Yesterday I went for interview at UKM, Bangi. Position applied for was Pembantu Tadbir (Kesetiausahaan). Out of 2,500 applicants only 60 were shortlisted and I am one of the lucky candidates. There are 4 interviewer (chairman, secretary, librarian and the treasurer) and each time 2 interviewee were called in. I just don’t know the function of the librarian to be there.

I thought they'll ask question related to it and I really studied about it. But they only ask us personal question like DOB, husband occupation, favourite and other simple questions. (rugi je studi cam nak gile..hafal plak tu nama each Minister in Education Ministry.

Masuk-masuk je bilik interview tu rasa nak tergelak sangat dah. Muka chairman tu sebijik macam Pak Hamid Ghurka. Pastu kelakar pulak tu dia. Aku control gelak je..kalaulah itu bukan interview gerenti aku dah terbahak-bahak punyalah. Overall, the interview was ok and all of the interviewer pun ok..taklah serious sangat...

Mudah-mudahan aku dapatlah keje ni..terjamin sikit idup dihari tua nanti..

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