miss u guyss

i am totally free in the office today not like yesterday..damn busy..
while surfing..something came across my mind..and i really feel some kind???? rasa rindu yang i can't express thru words...Group P (97-2000)..nilah mende yg buat aku rasa semacam..

Entah kenapa tetiba je aku teringat our campus day..our coursemates, our memories..rasa sronok sangat bile dapat flashback those days..tho i'm still 'student' right now but the feeling is different.

cipan, ogiey, sham, noli, bojoe, amri, mai, chaer, pozi, filla, ad, che-ah, sue, ina, miza, lia, aida, intan,
kenape yek aku rasa rindu kat korang??? mungkin sebab dah lama kite x meet each other. Aku ni balik-balik muka noli yg aku jumpa..(jgn marah ye noli)

u guys still remember or not the day when we had our live presentation (drama) during our Pre-Dip at FSSR building..i was the mirror..yg asyik terbatuk-batuk je..and my princess if i'm not mistaken either filla or intan..sronok sangat masa

lecturer yg paling best skali of course pn. ahnis & en. rijal..

when is our next gathering?? soon?? 2 years later??


Anonymous said...

hei fren.. i miss u too.. a lot.. cannot say through words.. best moment in my life and of course all group P..great news.. our next gathering will be on 2nd - 3rd of sept 2006.. hopefully everything will go on smoothly.. just wait for the invitation ok..
from: shamriza...

|| s h e i l a || said...

yey!!! that's what i'm waiting for..yg first gath dulu i just couldn't make it..and i'll make sure i'm available on that date..insya allah

|| s h e i l a || said...

lagipun kite hanya merancang Allah s.w.t yg tentukan