I'm happy today...just checked my result on UiTM webpage and........ i pass my exam..although the result is not that great but i really shock that i can get B+ for my Company Account...(berbaloi jugak i stay up every night..sampai kene migrain)

For my Taxation paper i thought i'll get cukup-cukup makan..but it seems like my 2 complete answers help me a lot. I got a bit higher than cukup makan..suppose i have to answer 5 questions, but i can only answer 4 questions with only 2 fully completed. The other 2 was partially complete and yg satu lagi tu..langsung x berjawab..(i don't even know that I have to study that topic) And this make me feel real down..takut kene re-sit this paper...

My 3rd paper was Managing of Change and the result is quite for an A but i didn't get that..why??? mcm nak pecah kepala aku memorize all the fact as what the lecturer wants but still she doesn't award me with an A...heeee geram sungguh...(maybe i goreng too much in my answer sheet) Tapi macam mana result Arafat?? He sat in front of me in the exam hall and it seems that he didn't write anything...kesian Afat

Anyway, Alhamdullillah i there are only 3 more papers to go before i can finally graduates


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