Sunday event

Hubby went out early in the morning today. He has 7 a side football tournament somewhere in Rembau.. bosan gile tak tau nak buat apa kat rumah mama..konon nak buat notes CSP..took out laptop and all the text books. Typed 2 pages of notes and i started to play Spider Solitaire..ingatkan balik rumah mama adalah si 'konyet' - Aliyah & Daniel..rupa2nye dorang xde..mama & babah dorang cuti plak arini..tinggallah aku, mama & Wak Al kat rumah.

Lepas tolong mama prepare lunch I started to read novel. Ada 3 novel along kat rumah tu. The first one i read was

It's a thriller based story. It shows how a man married to a woman just because of the wealth that the lady has. So he and his secretary (also his girlfriend) planned to kill his wife. Accidentally, they murdered his wife's twin. No one knew that the victim was not his wife and the best part is that his wife come to pay revenge (dia jelma mcm hantulah konon)...and at the end both of the 'murderer' died because of their own fault. It was an interesting story line and I managed to khatam the book within 3 hours. Isn't it fast?

Then I grab the second book. But I haven't finished reading it.

ADAM stands for Aku Darah Anak Melayu. The author is Ramlee Awang Murshid. One of the famous thriller author. So far the story line was ok but i haven't completed my 2nd journey. It's quite thick and the plot is quite heavy. So kene faham betul2 from the beginning.

So, this is my weekend agenda. Damn bored isn't it? Well, what to do (huh)

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