what a Saturday

Hubby is on leave today and we are going back to Malacca. I woke up early yesterday morning and prepared breakfast and packed necessary stuffs. When the clock turn to 10..i felt real asleep maybe due to the relaxant pill I consume sometime around 3 a.m yesterday. I heard hubby calling my name but seriously I can't open my eyes. So sudden, baru je lepas makan & minum suddenly aku rasa mengantuk yg teramat sangat. I heard several noices out there but God I just couldn't wake.

Around 3 p.m I woke up and found that hubby is not in the house. I was thinking that he went out to buy lunch or what. I waited until 5p.m and he didn't turn up. I called him and so suprising he's already in Malacca. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he left me alone in the house. Sampai hati buat la camni..(sob sob sob). He said I purposely doesn't want to follow him to his father's house and that's why I sleep like hell (ada ka patut)

At first mmg keraskan hati xnak balik Mlake..sbb sakit ati sgt tp bile dah pukul 7 tu..i felt so lonely...I called him and ask him to wait for me at Melaka Sentral. I took 3 minutes bath (haven't done this b4) and rush to LRT towards Plaza Rakyat. From there bought ticket to Mlaka..nasib sempat..last bus is 8.30 and I arrive Pudu at 8pm. Sampai je kat Melaka sikit pun hubby x ckp sorry. He's the one yg b'salah sbb left his lonely wife alone in the house. Luckily my FIL understand what happen between us and everything settled that night.

Ba, just want you to know..i didn't purposely sleep that long and do you know why I took that pill? You don't even bother to ask. If not why should I get up early and prepared the b/fast & packed all the clothes?? I miss my in laws too.

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