Happy Birthday to me !!!

31st August ... it's my birthday.. i'm 27 now old enough to act like a teen. So, stop behaving like a teenager Sheila!!!

On the Merdeka Night, hubby brought me for dinner at Terminal Seafood @ Ukay Perdana. It's some kind like pre-birthday celebration for me. I like the environment, the food and the way the dish is prepared. 3 in 1 process. They have steaming, BBQ and steambot in one big pot...we ate like there's no more tomorrow..

nilah pot masak tu..3 in 1

Lepas je makan, hubby bawak gi kat Bukit Ampang untuk tengok countdown and bunga api..from there we can view the whole KL and even Genting Highlands..nice view...but my camera tak boleh function so well waktu malam..'camera cap ayam' camtulah kan..so manage to make myself happy and sedih je bile hubby hug and say happy birthday to me..(sob sob sob)

Today in the office Kak Seha brought me a chocolate cake...THANK YOU KAK SEHA..Dia ni mmg rajin..everytime ada org sambut b'day mesti dia bawak kek..

acara potong kek..yg kat sebelah tu Kak Seha

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