Went back to Seremban 21/10 noon..because this is fasting month so we when to Amayee's house at nite when to celebrate Deepavali..

Eeveryone were beloved grandmother, Bala Mama, Amayee, Sam Chetha, Pressy Chetha, Sis Anita and my beloved uncle..Vijay Mama..and my brothers' friends (i'm still waiting for the pic to be sent to me..."Chetha have u forgotten your promise??")

We waited until 12 nite (22/10/2006) celebrate Amayee's 59th birthday..and due to the long wait this is what happened to Daniel..

he's so sleepy and tetiba je cam budak baik dia baring kat sofa..kalau tak tu dialah hero of the day

Amayee's is the most happiest person besides my grandmother..She's the 'birthday girl'..kene surprise..and kene macam2lah..and for my Acama..of course she's happy to see her children..grandchildrens and great grandchildren kumpul skali ramai2..

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