Family Gathering

It's AidilAdha but I was attacked by migraine. Damn suffer. Morning hubby went to do Qurban and soon after he came back we went to Kak Long's house @ PD since all hubby's sibling will be there. I brought mama & daniel together and my Along will join us later but not at Kak Long's house. We met at Teluk Kemang. Let the kids play. Rasa macam nak je terjun kat laut tu but I don't have energy and mood to do so. I ate 2 Cafargots to reduce the migraine pain but the effect is so slow & suppose I should only take 1. Help meeeeeeee. There's no clinic open today since it is Sunday & Hari Raya.

By Maghrib I found the pain has reduced. Alhamdulillah. We tought of having dinner at PD but the restaurant is closed so we end up to Seremban 2 to have our dinner. At first we plan for Johnny's in Jusco but due to traffic & parking we chose Stimbot Restaurant just opposite of Jusco. So crowd but they serve us well.

Along busy with her baju..

Along, Yaya and part of hubby's hand

Muka budak baru lepas kene marah

Mama & budak nakal yg baru je lepas kene marah tp x gheti nak takut

Hubby doesn't even wanna look at me. So concentrate on his food

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