Fun Fair

24 December 2006 - Today is Mama's 52th birthday...

I didn't buy anything for mama this pocket is so 'sick' these days (sori mama) but i know mama really understand our year end financial situation..can we bring forward the celebration?? (hehehe)

Morning went to Abg Udin's's Linda's engagement day. Linda is my step niece..and she's same age with me..we were 'friend' before but i don't know why lately she became so ARROGANT, BOAST.. We've been invited by her father (my cousin) but she acted as if we are strangers..NO HELLO, NO HI (maybe she's too busy with her final preparation), and the most important is that NO SMILE from her. Since she did not welcome us as part of the ceremony so i decided not to snap any of her picture tho mama ask me to snap couple of pixs..and i don't even went to her room..boleh blahhhhh..(i'm her auntie..and she should respect least)

Hubby was thinking of bringing my two 'monkeys' to Fun Fair..we plan with Kak Chik (his Sis) to meet at the Dataran Senawang..they came but one after another kids keep asking her for toilet..diarrhoea i guess. She end up not to let the kids to play any of the game and she went back..tension je bebudak tu..sian dorang

He he he..i don't know what to call this machine..but quite fast and Daniel is now dizzy..after getting down from here both of them can't walk properly..dizzzzzyyy

Daniel with his favorite icon..Superman..and now he is mad about CicakMan..

Can't hardly wait for the gate to be unlocked by the funfair boy..dah pening sgt lah tu..

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