A Day in S'ban

Tomorrow we'll start work again..arghhhhhh after 4 days holiday it's quite lazy to resume work. Since i'm back to KL today, I brought Mama to Jusco. She needs to buy her groceries and bla bla bla..

Hubby bought for me one new handbag (Cleef). Not branded yet I like. Simple, big and the most important is that I can dump everything in it.

After shop @ Jusco I was thinking of trimming my hair. Went to Centre Point but the Hair Stylist is not there. She'll be late today. Ouchhhh I need to hold my hair for a couple of weeks till I come back home. Mama dah letih so she lepak at Along's shop. Lucky Along is working today. Kejap tu Amayee arrive. Dah jadi macam gathering pulak kat kedai Along. The gathering of Narayanan Nair's family at EOG hahaha. Southa Amayee came alone all the way from Singapore for a funeral. Her auntie (my grandmother's sister in law) passed away.

Mama, Southa Amayee, Along & Amayee

Mama, Southa Amayee, Amayee and me

Aca's elder sister

Southa Amayee - Aca's younger sister

Mama & Southa Amayee

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