Fried Prawn

Yesterday, we arrived home early..not even 6.00 pm we have reached home. The very the ular. Since we are on our diet process so we didn't take rice at nite. Sayang bought prawn and he wanted it to be fried. Besar2 udang tu..kalau makan sedap giles.

Around 6.15 sayang went to play football with his newly washed boots. Thanks to me (hehehe)..and I started to clean the prawn and marinate it with tumeric powder, salt, oyster sauce..

So kitorang ni ratah udang je semalam plus aku potong buah jambu air cicah ngan kicap & cili padi..marvellous i tell u..Tapi makan udang goreng ni serupa macam xyah ber'diet'kan..

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