Duo Celebration


Abah came down from Malacca yesterday with Kak Lang. Adik will be going to OT today..that means abah will be celebrating his yearly birthday with his granddaughter..

Today sharp 8.55 am adik dengan selamatnya dibedahkan and here come her junior weighted 3.2 kg and length 53cm. She looks exactly like adik..hehhe..her lips, her face..anak emaklah katakan. Fie named her Aimy Sofea..so sweet

The arrival of this Aimy Sofea is like rose among the thorns. Most of abah's grandchildren are boys..pleaseeeeee and alhamdullilah adik brought new rose into the family..

gambar ni kitorang ambik masa dia kat dalam bilik baby tu..ambik thru glass je

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