T@g (6 weird things)

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6 things that are weird about ME..

  1. Love to bite my nails.. and don't get shocked when i say that i'll bite not only my fingernails but toenails as well. Maybe some of you will say that aku ni pengotor ke...tp takdelah aku nak gigit kuku kaki tu time br balik dr berjalan. Normally lepas abis mandi and time tgk tv..especially kalau duduk kat sofa..that's why i prefer baring when watching tv. Kalau kuku tangan pulak time2 membaca tu..especially when study..for sure sampai ke isi2 aku gigit..apa punya prangailah bini Kay ni..

  2. Suka sangat tido pakai selimut walaupun tengah panas terik..on kipas full speed pastu tido ngan selimut sampai ke dada..fuh best gile...pendek kata kalau xde selimut tu as if tido aku tu tak sempurnalah.

  3. I don't know why and what makes me hate PINK..i have one baju kurung..(it's given by my brother)..he knew that i don't like pink and he presented me with that..it's not actually full with pink but the flower are mixture of pink & baby blue..(oh God..i'm still having that baju and after 8 years having it i can count how many times i've been wearing that baju..masih cantik mcm baru)

  4. Don't like flowers. I'm the only child of the family who doesn't like flower..and there's no even 1 flower in my house..i only have cactuses. Bile agaknya prangai pelik aku ni nak berubah? Bila tengok Mama & Along tanam bunga, beli bunga, rasa macam seronok tp i don't have any intention to have them in my house. But i'm trying to pursuade my self to buy atleast fake flower..buat letak atas tv ke..atas dining table ke..

  5. No hot food. Aku sungguh tak reti makan lauk or minum air yang panas2..i would prefer something which is half warm or cold and itu jugak yg buat aku selalu abis makan lambat. I can sit and eat for about 1 hour just to finish a plate of rice. Kalau kat ofis, dorang mmg dah arif sangat pasal aku..I'll start eating at 1pm and will finish by 1.50pm or 2 ...memula tu i didn't realize that i took so long to finish my meal..but when my officemate say so then only i realize..KELEMBAPAN AMAT DIKESALI

  6. I can't construct proper Malay sentence. I will usually end up my sentence with the word TAPI or KALAU..where suppose it should be placed in the middle of the phrase. My friend during secondary stage realize this..she will normally say.."Sheila..ko ni boleh tak cakap takde tapi kat blakang ayat ko". Serious I didn't purposely say it that way..but maybe the languages we use in house make me to talk that way. Tapi yang peningnya only if it is oral the word TAPI will come at the back of the sentence..kalau dalam essay or other formal letters..xdelah pulak mendealah TAPI or KALAU ni duduk kat blakang...

Haahahha..i still have like 3 or 4 weird things but i think better not to share all of it here..let some of it to remain secret just like CT nurhaliza song..biarlah rahsia. hehehhe

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