Last week around Wednesday, Angah SMSed me..saying that someone wanted to give her unborn baby to me. Fuhhhhh..i'm shocked, excited and automatically shivered. Feel like crying but aku TAHAN..It's like a dream.

Angah told me that she is suppose to meet this expecting lady that nite (Wed) and from the meeting Angah inform me that the lady wanted to meet me. She wants someone who is real honest to raise her baby. She's afraid to deal with middle person since there is so many cases where this middle person sell the baby.

So, Saturday aku nekad gi jumpa dia kat Seremban. I went back alone since sayang is very busy. He asked me to meet this lady first and let him know of the outcome. Jumpa this lady at A&W Seremban and she brought her BF together. This lady sebenarnya tak tergamak nak bagi anak kat orang, sebab she herself has 2 kids kat kampung hasil perkahwnan dgn her ex-husband. Baby yang dia nak bagi ni..anak dia ngan bf dia. The most important is that she didn'nt ask for money but she just want me to take and raise the baby. We discussed so many things and i end up saying YES. I told her that need to prepare legal documentation afraid that things will happen or change in the future. And..kalau jadi I'll become a mother by August...huhuhuhu..

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