What baby are you?

I got this from my mailbox..it describes the attitude of those born in each month. I didn't bother of the other months..straight away go for these 2 months and here they come..

August (Mine)

Outgoing personality
==> not really..org slalu kata aku sombong

Takes risks
==> yes sometimes i do take risk

Feeds on attention
==> tell me who doesn't need attention?

No self-control
==> need to be controlled by someone..hehehe

Kind hearted
==> bolehlah

==> 50-50..normally i will ask for opinion

Loud and boisterous
==> hehehe..ye ke ..bile dok skali ngan member mmglah loud

VERY revengeful
==> taklah.. i'm one kind of ''buang yg keruh ambil yg jernih''..

Easy to get along with and talk to
==> not for the first time..need some times

Has an "every thing's peachy" attitude
==> apa ni?? tak pahamlah

Likes talking and singing
==> yes..i'll do the talking and syg will listen .. but singing??

Loves music
==> everyone loves music..

==> hmmmmm..everyone i guess

Easily distracted
==> seriously no

Hates not being trusted
==> yelah..mana ada org suke kalau org lain x pecaya kat dia??

BIG imagination
==> angan-anganku mmg sentiasa besar..walaupun i know that i won't be able to get them

Loves to be loved
==> of course..sapalah yang tak suke dicintai

Hates studying
==> sometimes..tp bile dah grad ni rasa nak blajarlah pulak..bile sambung malas pulak nak gi class

in need of "that someone"
==> don't know what my life would be without "my someone"

Rebellious when withheld or restricted
==> before..during my childhood time yes..but now no more i guess

Lives by "no pain no gain" caring
==> Aca will always say these quote..

==> yes..don't take things so serious

==> No..

==> Yes..according to Mama & Aca

==> Always

October (Hubby)

Ni sayang punya..tp la tolong jawab ye..tgk mana yg tepat

Loves to chat
==> Ye ke?? He only chats with the one he knows..

Loves those who love them
==> So far that what i see in him

Loves to takes things at the center
==> Yes..he focus

Inner and physical beauty
==> Inner beauty yes..but physically beauty???

Lies but doesn't pretend
==> He lied to me once but when I asked him he claim it

Gets angry often
==> No..but I do

Treats friends importantly
==> He still meet his school time friend..

Brave and fearless
==> Lelaki kalau tak brani camne yek?

Always making friends
==> Don't know

Easily hurt but recovers easily
==> Hurt tu taklah..tp kalau marah senang sejuk

==> entahlah

Does not care to control emotions
==> He cares bout it

==> No. I can predict him

Extremely smart, but definitely the hottest AND sexiest of them all.
==> erkkkkk..

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