Me & My Hectic Days

At the office

Lately, I'm damn busy in the office. I need to take over Ina's accounting tasks (she's on maternity leave), clerical tasks, and some more we are moving to our very own premise in Kelana Jaya very soon.

The phone keep ringing every single minutes and the others seems don't know how to answer the phone and I need to shout at them asking them to answer it!! Am I a receptionist to answer all these calls?? These guys in the office are very helpful but sometimes they forgot that they have to assist me. Helloooo..aku sorang2 kat ofis ni..tolonglah weiiiii

At home

I need to clean & sweep the house almost everyday. I just don't know from where all the dusts come from. Dust everywhere..on top of my tv cabinet, on my dining table, on my coffee table, on my dressing table.....I DIDN'T LEAVE NEAR TO A CONSTRUCTION AREA and I DIDN'T OPEN ANY WINDOWS OR DOORS WHILE I'M NOT IN THE HOUSE.

It's not a sigh session..but sometimes we need to let it out so that we won't stress.

I'm having's too hot out there

Yang penting bising cakap tetap kat WMC tetap kene..dapat post 1-2 ayat pun jadilah..

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