Present & Past

Pagi ni I woke up quite early..blum sempat alarm clock berbunyi mata aku dah terbukak dah..rindu kat sayang sesangat. Tak sabar nak tunggu sayang balik besok and time tu jugak aku terpikir..what will happen to me if he's no longer breathing?? Pepagi dah rasa sedih.

Around 7 a.m aku dah dok atas bas yang nak ke LRT. Since sayang takde i've to go work by myself. Naik bas from house to LRT Bdr Tasik Slatan then take Star to Masjid Jamek. From there need to cross the road before naik Putra heading to Tmn. Bahagia. Sayang pesan bile dah sampai situ naik cab..dia takut because there are several beg snatch cases around my office. Rasa rugi pulak naik cab..dekat je tapi kene caj RM5-6.

Masa dalam tren pagi tadi I was busy reading paper and suddenly I realized that today is 17th April. It suppose to be Daddy's 30th birthday if he's still alive. Tapi sayang..he passed away 15th Oct 2002 at the age of 25. Time goes by too fast but I can still remember all the memories we had together. Our favourite place for 'dating'...our favourite food during 'dating'..his favourite shirt..and his Mummy.

"Mummy, dah lama rasanya Baby tak call Mummy. Bukan Baby tak ingat cuma baby tak tau nak borak apa ngan Mummy. Kalau baby call Mummy mesti mummy selalu nangis. Baby tak suka mummy nangis. Mummy suke recall crite pasal Alang, and when you did so we will cry tak bolehlah mummy".

Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat ke atas roh Harzisham Aidil Hashim. Al-Fatihah.
DariNya kita datang, kepadaNya kita kembali.

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mama adam said...

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