A trip to Penang

It's our 3rd Penang trip. This trip is in conjuction with Ogiey's wedding.

The Hotel

view of the hotel from Tg. Bungah Beach

We took bus from KL around 11a.m. on Friday and reached Sg. Nibong Terminal around 3.45p.m. From there we straight away went to have our lunch at Kayu Nasi Kandar. Don't get shock, the price is cheap today. Want to know why? They've just been rushed by the KDNHEP due to their expensive food charge and I'm having the paper on my hand. Lepas makan gi check in and for the 2nd time sayang chose to stay at Corpthorne Orchid Hotel. Apa-apa jelah asalkan akuleh tido. I don't mind if he choose much cheaper hotel as we are not going to be in the room the whole day. Tapi Alhamdullilah..walaupun aircond hotel tu kali ni macam S**L (dulu ok je..tak teruk camni).

At first we only book for a day sebab ingat besok tu nak tukar gi hotel lain. So we went to the room and found out that it's quite warm in there. We made report and no action taken. Malam lepas balik dr makan malam sayang dah naik antu dah..sbb from petang sampai ke malam x sejuk langsung bilik tu..leh rileks tido xyah pakai selimut..So again he called the counter asking for Aircond Maintenance to come and check the problem of their AC and it's nearly 1.00 in the morning. Lepas maintenance tu dtg I still don't feel any difference. Lantaklah. In fact before sampai bilik kitorang gi cari hotel lain for tomorrow, tp sume dah fully booked and left only hotel yg mahal gilessss..so kenelah stay lagi sehari kat hotel ni.

swimming pool kat Level 7

The next day, it's OG's reception day. I've created another entry for this occassion. Morning, we went to have breakfast at Union Street. Pepagi dah pekene nasi kandaq..balik dr breakfast..we went to reservation counter and sambung lagi sehari tp mintak tukar bilik sebab AC bilik tu ada prob. Lepas tukar bilik again the next door room pun gitu gak..we've set the temperature to HIGH but yet to feel and coldness. Malam tu sayang panggil maintenance tu lagi skali. I guess the hotel itself has set their temperature to be that way. I don't know how all the Mat Sallehs can sleep without AC!! Nak iron kene pegi Ironing Room. Aduuuh. Tempat iron tu menyeramkan wooo..kene turun gi Level 11 pastu masuk kat pintu ada satu lorong..kene ke blakang. Fuh..akunye speed masa iron tu Allah je yang tau. Kalau dia tak ikat iron tu..mau aku angkut masuk dlm bilik.

Our Dinner

First day kat Penang we went to Gurney Plaza. Memula tu nak bli kasut je because i forgot to bring shoes to be worn at OG's reception. Takkan nak pakai baju kurung ngan sandal kot. Sampai kat Basement (suppose gi cari ATM) alih2 sayang ternampak this Korean Restaurant SEOUL GARDEN RESTAURANT apalagi..terus dia gi makan. Memang aku pun lupa tujuan utama dtg situ nak gi cari kasut. First time trying the Korean Hotplate Steamboat and it was really superb!! I'm not sure whether they have branch in KL but the only Korean Rest I know is Seoul Bulgogi located at Wisma Pantai. What really amazed me is the spice they used to marinate the chickens, beef, lamb as well and not to forget their squid. Wide range of food no doubt … the picture taken were just part of the stuff … the remaining is ice kacang (self-service), cendol, ice creams, fried korean snacks … Besides, the sauces they made compliments the bbq meat nicely!!

ni gamba kat Seoul Garden Rest. tu..makanannya i tell u..mmg boleh buat aku gemuks lah..

Memang best gile tempat ni. Tapi my advice for you guys kalau nak makan tempat camni takyahlah amik air dia tu. Rugi je..korang nak makan byk ke nak minum bergelen air? Better take 1 mineral bottle rather than air yg dorang jual tu. But overall I give 5 stars to this restaurant. Yang best tu tengah makan aku boleh stop kejap gi cari kasut sebab dah kul 9.30..kalau tunggu habis makan gerenti kedai sume tutup. Habis shopping kasut sambung balik makan. heheheheh..kerja gile betul.

Lepas habis kat Gurney Plaza we went to Padang Kota. Meet cipan there. Teman Cipan makan..and we ordered only a glass of water. There's no more place for food.

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