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5 things in my bag
  • wallet
  • handphone (yg baru tu..kih kih kih)
  • buku sudoku & pencil..(my latest addict..)
  • make up (compact powder & lipstick)
  • LRT pass
5 things in my wallet
  • cards..(including my NRIC)
  • $$$$
  • voucher2 free dr astro yg dirasakan boleh dipakai
  • 5-6 keping namecard aku
  • ??? mcm xde lagi je
5 favorite things in my bedroom
  • make up dresser
  • my wardrobe yg penuh ngan baju aku..(yg x muat pun still ada lagi dlm tu)
  • my fan..(can be in here without my fan being turn on)
  • ada buku & majalah..
  • selimut busuk aku
5 things I would like to do
  • nak gi holiday
  • can I go home now? there's nobody in the office except me alone here !!
  • bring mama to the place she wanted to go
  • learn how to bake cake..(oven dah bli)
  • rasa macam nak bertudung..tp belum ready je lagi

5 things I am doing now

  • typing out my entrylah..
  • makan chicken porridge McD..sian aku mkn sorang2 je kat ofis ni
  • tgh pikir apa mende yg aku tgh buat skrg ni (utk letak kat sini)
  • tangan ada 2 je..mulut 1..so I can't do 5 things at one time
5 people i want to tag
  • sham
  • kak flora
  • che-are
  • sesapa jelah yg nak di'tag '

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