American Star - English Novel

Just finished reading up this new story book I bought.. full of sex and I wonder is this what glamour people have in their mind?? But mmg bestlah cite ni..nak gi toilet pun aku bawak gak..

The storyline is somewhat like this...

Nick Angelo (bile dah glemer jd Nick Angel) and Lauren Roberts (ms bc tu aku terbayang Julia Roberts je heheheh) can never forget each other. Teenage small-town lovers -- he from the wrong side of the tracks, she the prettiest girl in town -- their love was the town scandal, forbidden, sizzling and unforgettable, ending abruptly in a tragedy that sent them into separate orbits.

Nick pursues his dream of acting, and after a series of wild adventures begins the slow rise that will make him one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Lauren goes to New York and enters the modeling world, surprising everyone with a career that takes off in a direction she never expected.

Although they were separated for years, they finally meet each other in one occassion and the story begin to shine. Lauren married but not with Nick and Nick was also married...but in the end they married...aku bc sampai nangis2222..sbb macammana ramai skali pun pompuan yang Nick ni tido but he still admire his teen love and so does Lauren...cinta pertama mmg susah nak lupa
From now onwards I'll stop buying Malay novel..rasa mcm rugi je beli. I can finish reading it in less than a nak jimat kene bc novel henglish ni..merangkak sikit membaca

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