Salam Maal Hijrah

Salam Maal Hijrah 1429..

Teringat masa zaman skolah dulu..rite b4 or after Awal Muharram mesti ada pertandingan nasyid..and the most popular song will be..

"1 Muharram detik permulaan..
Penghijrahan... and what is the rest of the lyrics?..i happen to forget
(it's my weakness...hardly to remember any songs lyrics although it's my fav song..very bad isn't it?)

Since today is holiday..i cooked something special for hubby..this is what he's craving for from past 2-3 weeks...he wants Omelette. Wow, i use to make telur dadar for him tp camne nak buat omelet ni? Haru aku

..and bergegaslah isteri ini mencari resepi omelet didalam internet..makanya terjumpalah isteri ini dengan resepi yang dikehendaki..dah inilah hasil yg diperolehinya..walaupun sedikit hangit diluar (taknak ikut arahan punya pasallah ni..) tp masih sedap rasanya...(ceh ceh..pakai baju butangkan sendiri nampak). Daging burger tu saje je aku buat..sbb rasanya mcm omelet ni duduk kat tepi perut je nanti..hehehhe (nampak sgt buruk makan si isteri ni..)

My first Omelette..when will be the 2nd? Next 2 years??

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Disebabkan we had western breakfast .. so we want more western for today. I just don't know what to name this? The recipe supposed to be Ribeye Steak..but we didn't buy ribeye..ntah which portion aku pun tak buat2lah macam ribeye..and the result turn to be ..........

What a presentation? Fail.
We have the steak, carrot, potato, tomato and brocoli..isn't it very healthy??

And this is the Mushroom black pepper sauce..still on stove.

I also prepared mashed potato but i forgot to snap any of excited to eat. Belum pun menjelang petang kitorang dah stat lapar balik..hehhehe..tulah kalau dah melayu tu makan jelah nasik..gatal nak ber'steak' bagai sudahnye..kebulur

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Petang tu time paling best skali for's shopping time.

I went to Sogo..don't know why we chose this place. Normally we'll go to Mid Valley (hubby's fav shopping place)

I wanted to try Loreal product for my face. My face turned out to be like nenek kebayan these days..tulah malas buat treatment..padan muka aku. After some kind of skin examination the promoter recommended me this particular product particularly to balance up my skin tone and to remove all unwanted spots. Hope to see good result. I pay a lot for this!!

It's the facial foam, spot corrector, nite cream and i got free lipstick and pouch.

And now i need to look for shoes..i have one shoes lying in the car waiting to be sent to cobbler..when will it be sayang?? sian kasut tu dok lelama dlm keta, tak benapas dia

I have difficulties in selecting shoes due to the shape of my foot..what a shape but alhamdullilah i can still walk with it. (Jangan tak bersyukur dengan apa yg ada..Allah marah).

I saw one Sembonia shoes..look nice but when i wore it..i feel like cartoon. Went to HP..but none of them attract me.. i'm looking for shoes which is not too high. Living in KL and somemore taking up public transport..better not to wear high heels..or u'll suffer from back ache. Why must I torture my body? Polo is just nice but there's only size 8 left..and i'm in 5. So i ended buying AD.. just nice and cheap (important tu..)

... and the best part of the day ends here.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kak Lang, Umi & Adik waited for us at Medan Selera Bunga Tanjung..somewhere in Ampang. Parking bays are all full and were are lucky. After one round I saw 1 free bay and we're just about to be there the shop man..put chair (not sure for what reason). Aku keluar, alihkan kosi tu..parking penuh sey..xyahlah nak book2 tempat pulak. And the man look angrily at my husband but he says nothing..

We went to other side of the food court and join the quorum. After makan, we realized that both of the tyres on left side were punctured. Damn it..this must be 'he' who did it. That f****** man was sitting rite in front of the car with the rest of his member pretend nothing happen as tho we don't know he's the monkey who did it. Hubby was real angry but lucky nothing happen..he can still control his anger. No wonder less people choose to eat in this particular side of food court. Kalau korang penah gi situ..u'll find out satu side tempat tu full side tempat yg aku park tu boleh kire brapa org je customernye..

"Harini org buat kite, besok lusa org buat dia balik.." this is the phrase came out from Abg As mouth.. that's true..biar Allah je balas perbuatan khianat dia tu.

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