NurZahirah @ Cinta

Welcome cute lil NurZahirah @ Cinta.
Aen gave birth to Cinta on 25 Apr 2008 and weighted about 3.1kg. This is her 2nd pregnancy after the 1st one was aborted few months before she conceived Cinta.

DRA's buddies were so excited waiting for Aen to call and say that she has delivered the baby. Unfortunately she didn't deliver on the day she was admitted although she was induced. Pity her. The next day she has to be ceaseared. Dah lama sgt tahan sakit tu..whatever it is i'm sure penantian ko selama 6 tahun ada hasilnya.

Wana, sorilah ye..kak nest curi kretiviti ko..heheh

Aen MMSed this pic tu Kak Zu..and sepantas kilat she uploaded it in forum

Cinta, be a good girl to Umi & Abah ok..

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