Dinner of the Day

We are on diet actually, but once in a blue moon why not having light dinner..(is it light?). Since in office I craved for Kue Tiow Soup..don't say that I'm preggy ok. Masih belum berjaya lagi.

On the way back we stopped at nearby wet market and get all the stuffs for our particular dinner. Sepeket kue tiow tu brapa gram yek?? 500gm kot..can imagine or not the two of us can finish this 500gm kueh tiow..diet konon..pirahhhh

My soup end up to be like this. Green here and there..cili potong jangan lupa ye. Hubby can't eat without it!!

Rinsed and drained kue tiow..so oily (habislah diet mak)

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shamriza said...

dari ko mkn kuehtiaw.. baik ko mkn mee hoon.. kata nk diet kannn??? kuehtiaw byk kolesterol tauuuuu...