I Need Increment !!

Today about noon boss call me.

He wanted to promote his sales staff in shop and at the same time increase her salary. OK will do but what surprises me is that it's not 10% or 20% increment as usual..it's 42% of increment. Is he mad?? How could he do this? Isn't it unfair to the rest of the staffs? Especially to the one he is talking rite now!!

I'm not saying that I'm too good to get an increment on yearly basis. But that is what he supposed to do based on the workload given to ME. I'm doing everything..not only my secretarial tasks but also admin, clerical, purchasing, his personal, his family personal tasks and what else...u just name it and I will probably tick in each of your lists.

Soon after I got out of his room my mind starts working. I told Ina about this. What a circumstances. I don't know who can read who's mind. Last week we just discussed about asking for increment. Ina couldn't handle her accounting alone plus her salary is not as much as I earned. And this is the chance for us open our mouth.

So, we entered his room and I start the bla bla bla.... and...I cried. This is my weakness..malu tapi aku rasa mcm lega sgt coz I've said what I wanted to say. And guess what..he wanted us to give the amount of increment that we want. He said.."you give me the figure and I'll see what I can give U". He wanted to have the answer by tomorrow. Not even 30 minutes..we came out with our increment proposal. Hope he can consider our proposal and plus we did give him 2nd option.

Boss, be in our shoes and you'll know why we request for it.

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manisz said...

shila aku doakan ko dpt increment tu.. aminnnnn!!