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Aen left her comment on my chatbox saying that i've been tagged.
Thanks wei..aku mmg suke kene tag least aku xyah pikir nak buat entry apa..dah tentu ada bahan penceritaan..hahahha

So, here we go

Top 2 things found in your wallet as always:
1) Identity Card (i'm a truly have to bring it wherever I go)
2) Cash

Top 2 things to do when i’m sad:
1) Eat and eat and eat
2) Sleep

Top 2 songs you can listen to again and again:
1) Kamelia by Uncle Ramli Sarip
2) Mengapa by Nicky Astria

Top 2 reasons to watch television:
1) B'coz I have TV...(this one can or not??)
2) To entertain myself

Top 2 places I’d want to visit 10 years from now:
1) Mekah & Madinah (to perform Umrah or Hajj..insyaallah..pls pray for me)
2) Ermmmm...tak penah terlintas only 1 place jelah

Top 2 current obsessions:
1) Blogging
2) Taking photos (asyik klik sana klik sini je..)

Top 2 favorite nickname:
1) Nestum*susu (sampai cyber fren pun panggil aku nest hoho)
2) sh@k@y

Top 2 favorite food:
1) Soto
2) Tosei

Top2 favorite snacks:
1) Twisties esp yang curry flavour tu
2) Super Ring

Top 2 favorite website:
1) WMC (i joined several clubs there)
2) Yahoo Games site

Top 2 goals you want to accomplish:
1) Re-arrange my house arrangement (when can it be done sayang??)
2) Slimdown (I aim for at least 52kg)

Top 2 favorite to do:
1) Sleep (I can sleep 16 hours a day)
2) Shopping (isn't it heaven to women?)

Top 2 favorite places:
1) My own house of coz
2) Mama's house

Top 2 things i can’t wait to happen:
1) to conceive
2) for the time being..tak sabar nak tunggu duit kutu..hohoho..dah ade plan dah ni

Top 2 places where I love to shop:
1) Jusco (ni je aku mampu)
2) I always do online shopping

Top 2 persons to tag:
1) Kak Liea
2) Dekfa

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ekau ni x do kojo lain ko.....huhu