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Selalu je nampak orang update status kat facebook with this tagging thing.  Ammi malas nak buat kat facebook...sebab emmmmm sebab ammi memang dah malas nak update kat facebook.  Haaa boleh gitu?

Jadi ammi update blog jelah guna tag ni.  Boleh je kan??

All married💍 couples - make this your status and answer honestly!

Who's older?
•  Abah is 6 years older than Ammi.

Who was interested first?
• Abah i guess..he approached me first in the bus :)

Same High School?
• No

Most Sensitive?
• Ammi

Worst temper?
• Ammi

More social?
• Abah has more friends compared to Ammi...so Abah la kot

Most stubborn?
• Ammi

Wakes up first?
• Our phone alarm...huhuhu

Bigger Family?
• Abah's

Who cooks the most?
• Of course Ammi

Cries more?
• Ammi did before, but now rasanya macam dah lama tak nangis.  Dah tua dah kot...tak kuasa nak nangis-nangis ni.

Better singer?
• Abah

Better driver?
• Definitely Abah

Hold the remote?
• Abah

Better at cooking?
• Ammi, eventhough the taste is not that good

How many years have you been together?
• Almost 13 years of marriage + 3 years of ups and downs before marriage

Where was your 1st date?
• Dynasty Hotel, Jalan Ipoh. (not in hotel roomlah...lepak dengar lagu je)

Who does most on the laundry?
• Ammi... 

Just hold your finger down and paste on your status..remembering to change your answers.

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